Creating an Opportunity from a Lead

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Can anyone tell me if the pop-up window that is generated when I want to convert a lead to an opportunity should be populated with the address details held in the lead information fields?

At the moment, when I want to change a lead to an opportunity I have to populate all of the address fields, contact details etc. This is a real pain at the moment because we are creating a huge amount of opportunities from our groups of leads.

I just need to know if the window should auto-populate. If it should, I can get our support guys to rectify the situation. If it shouldn't, does anyone know how it can be carried out?


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  • Hi, yes it should be populated. We have also experienced this issue on a few customer sites as well and have logged the issue. I would suggest logging it with your Sage BP (or Sage direct).

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  • Thanks for the feedback. I've raised it with our support team who will need to investigate.


  • This is a known issue in v7.3 and IE but works in Chrome. What is your version?