how to copy value of territory field in summary tab to another tab(case, opportunity, people,....) in company screen

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Dear members,

I am writing this post to ask you about how we can copy value of territory field in one tab to another tab in company screen(i.e: company summary scree). I use sage crm version 7.2.

In image below describe what I mean:

On Company Summary Screen i have Territory Value: Worldwide(or other)

and then click on opportunity tab and click on new opportunity 

on the new opportunity entry screen, i want that territory field shows the same value to the territory field in company summary screen.

not only for worldwide but also the other value that base on value selected in company summary screen.

your response is to be appreciated,

best regard,

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  • The reason for the value 'Default' in the Territory field is that the person creating the new opportunity may not have access (due to user security settings) to the territory of the company.

    If they DO have access, then the value in the Territory field will change to the Territory of the company automatically on clicking save.

    If the user DOES NOT have access to the territory of the company, the system follows the user security rules and places the opportunity in the appropriate default territory, e.g. the territory of the user.