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I am working on a workflow for our opportunity management and would like to create a rule which moves the opportunity to the next stage but also notifies a user via e mail if a field is over the value of 100000.  I have tried a conditional rule with a javascript condition but it then doesn't achieve transition and I can't trigger the e mail from a standard transitional rule.  Can anyone suggest the best way to tackle this issue?

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  • Conditional rules do allow transitions

    The purpose of the JavaScript statement in a conditional rule is to determine what action is taken.

  • So is it possible to limit a conditional rule by User Profile? I can limit a transitional rule to Users with Admin profile (10) with the following JavaScript statement:

    { valid=false; } if(CurrentUser.user_territoryprofile==10){ valid=true; }

    I want to limit a conditional rule to Admin Users but since "The purpose of the JavaScript statement in a conditional rule is to determine what action is taken" it doesn't seem like this is possible. If anyone can suggest syntax to accomplish this I'd appreciate it.

  • Julie

    The JavaScript of a Transition rule is used to display whether the rule is available through the user interface.

    The internal system variable 'Valid' is by default 'true' and allows the workflow action button to be displayed.  If 'Valid' is set to 'false' then the button is suppressed.

    The JavaScript of a Conditional rule is used differently.  The button is always going to be displayed.  Instead a conditional rule allows different set of actions to be fired depending on whether 'Valid' is 'true' or 'false'.

    In turn these different set of actions will allow a transition to two separate possible workflow states.    Consider the image below.

    In this example the conditional rule if 'false' will do something and keep the record in the same workflow state and if 'true' will allow the workflow to progress.