I'm having trouble getting an escalation rule to trigger in crm. I am currently on version 7.3. I have an escalation rule configured to notify someone when they have been assigned a task within CRM. However it does not seem to be sending out the notifications. I have the escalation rule working on a dev instance that resides on a different server and mirrored the settings (minus the obvious server specific settings) into my live instance and they won't trigger. Running the query in the database returns the results that i'm looking for, but still, to no avail. 

My Trigger is as Follows : comm_type = 'task' and comm_action = 'ToDo' and comm_communicationemailsent IS NULL and cmli_Comm_UserID <> 1

i have restarted my escalation service on the server and checked the error logs, but i don't see anything specific as to why it's not triggering. 

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.