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Just installed Sage CRM 7.3  with Sage 100 2017 5.4.2.   We would like to set up some custom gadgets for the Dashboards (Inventory stocks, Open SAles order from Sage 100, Sales history from Sage 100  etc).    

I am Having trouble setting up Sdata Feed Template to pull over information from Sage Sales and Inventory.

We have tried connecting with and without the port (Sage 100/CRM integration server port id)



I also followed the setup in this article that helped get everything set up.

But when we try to use to set up a gadget the error message "error loading data" in red comes up.   And if we use the connection addresses above directly in a browser we get the sage 100 log in, and then a blank screen.  View source shows a blank page with <body> at the top...

Hope someone out there has already done this trouble shooting and can help..

Thank you,


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  • I'm trying to do something similar, albeit with Sage 500 and custom views.  

    I think there's a problem with some of your views and SDATA -- what it is, I'm not sure.  But when I started limiting my SData views (unchecking most of them), then refreshing metadata and restarting Tomcat, I was able to get past that error.

  • Did you actually install the SDATA program for Sage 100 or are you trying to use the integrated service created by the installer for Sage CRM and Sage 100? By default port 8888 is the integrated service. When you install SDATA for Sage 100 it goes through IIS.