Exchange Sync Error

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Exchange Sync worked for a year, but suddenly since monday it does not for my user. Exchange configuration proctol Shows the following error every 5 minutes:

ERROR [http-apr-10009-exec-8]: 29-Nov-2017 15:17:08.162 [björn] error: Only one record expected, more found localId = AAMkAGY2OGQ5NzI5LTNjMTgtNDNhOS04NDA1LTAzZTY4ODY5N2MyNABGAAAAAACnJKpYHIxLSJGuj9kXWZSKBwDkV8eoy4VBS5+vD109zCBvAAAAAAENAADkV8eoy4VBS5+vD109zCBvAAKSJ2RtAAA=, action: CONNECTION_TO_MAILBOX

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  • abc.bp

    I feel your pain. We have had the same problem for over 3 months everyday several times a day. It breaks exchange and the users scream. There is a quick workaround which works for me:


    FROM  EWSRecordState

    WHERE  dbo.EWSRecordState.EWRE_RecordLocalID = 'add the very long localid here with '=' at the end'

    The following time exchange runs, it seems to work. As you can imagine, me having to keep an eye on this all day everyday for months and months is cumbersome and inefficient.  Nobody seems to be able to help us. Very frustrating.

    Good luck with your quest.


  • Hello

    I would be really helpful when posting about an issue to share details of the version of Sage CRM and Exchange.  This makes looking for possible solutions in our internal KB easier.