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Hi all,

I am finding the new 'Responsive' calendar a bit problematic as it does not appear to be customisable.

Rather than trying to do that what I want to do is simply:

  • Put the old Calendar back on My CRM and Team CRM
  • Add the Old Calendar back to the Log Me in to selection list in User Preferences
  • Put the toggle button back to allow switching between Calendar View or List View

This is really important as my customer who has upgraded to 2017 R3 can no longer see the old list view and the additional columns that were added to it.



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  • The old calendar can be added back in if you go to administration->advanced customization->System Menus->user

    Add in a new option for the old calendar.  The Caption on the original was called AppointmentTasks with Action: Other and System Act:  communicationlist  

    This will add the tab back for My CRM, you would do the same System Menus->Channel for Team CRM

    I did a quick test and while it brought the calendar back, it does not bring back the toggle between List and Calendar view, so a button could be added back in using the client side api for that.  To switch to List view, the button needs to execute:


    To swicth to calendar view the button would need to execute:


    some coding would also be needed to check the HIDDENLISTMODE value to determine which button to show.

    As far as the Log Me In To selection, while custom options can be added via translations, in a 7.3 system, for example, the translation is setup exactly the same for Calendar as it is in a 2017 version, so this may now be hardcoded with in the eware.dll to the Responsive Calendar.

    You may want to consider using Dashboard Gadgets to accomplish what they need.  You can use a calendar gadget, a task gadget, and then create a new list gadget showing tasks with the columns they want, based on a report that has those columns.  Users could set that Dashboard as their default and in preferences set Log Me In To to the Dashboard.

  • I don't suppose you could tell me how to add the button(s) with the code. I'm more a consultant than a developer.

  • This is what working in my testing.  There are 2 screens to put code on, detailed below:


    Place this is the custom content





    'href': '#',

    'index': 2,



    caption="List View";





    Place this is the custom content




    if(key0==4 || key0==5){



    'href': '#',

    'index': 2,



    caption="Calendar View";





  • Guys

    I would strongly advise against replacing the new Calendar with the old one.  There is no guarantee that these customizations will continue to work in the future as the Action Code may be removed and not just deprecated.  I would encourage you to engage with you local Sage product management teams to try and prioritise the features that you want in the next version.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I agree with you as well.  I think using a dashboard and gadgets, calendar, task, and a list gadget to show comms would be an alternative solution.  I would not recommend completely replacing the new Calendar either, I would have them both available, at least temporarily to help transition away from it and get used to the new calendar and possibly dashboards.

  • Thanks for your reply Jeff.

    I understand your concerns and they are duly notes.

    I fail to understand how a product that was always promoted based upon its key premise of 'codeless customisation' now seems to be moving in a totally opposite direction.

    Am I simply meant to say to my customers 'tough' live with it because that's how it is now'?

    The request I made and to which Mark helpfully replied has gotten me out of a fix with a very unhappy customer (and no doubt with others as my other upgrades proceed).

    I will indeed follow your advice in so much I will not be removing the calendar but put the old calendar back make the transition from one to the other acceptable to my customers.

    Meanwhile I can only hope that someone at Sage will take my comments into consideration and give us an acceptable means of adding codeless customisation of the Calendar back in.

  • Mark, thank you I really appreciate your assistance in this.

  • Vince

    The commitment to codeless customization hasn't wavered.  But we are investing heavily in product design improvements.  If you consider the changes that have been made in 2017 R1, R2 and most recently in 2018 R1 to swap out the old calendar with the new, then you will see that not all of the features of the original calendar design could be implemented as a single big-bang.  But the code libraries used for the My CRM and Team Calendar allow our developers to great flexibility in controlling the user experience and interface.  This is a much better position that simply using the old generated screens.  There is nothing in the calendars that can't be controlled by meta data, system and user settings.  But what implemented is down to the priorities established by the Product Managers around the world.

  • Vince you are correct, put a new tab back in MyCRM and put your old task list back in place.  I've had to do that at numerous clients.  While the new calendar has important features added as time goes, there have been to many limitations and the functionality isn't where a high volume user can work as efficiently as they could with the old calendar, more specifically the task list view.  With time it will switch so having them both allows you to transition teams when the time is right.

  • I too have had to revert to the old calendar in 2018R2. Communications wouldn't display at all, most times it would error when trying to add a quick comm.,  page loading for a long time before allowing the user to add new tasks or appointments...

  • Is this grid still not configurable in 2019R1? We've upgraded one of our instances and that will destroy business process. I don't want to revert to the 'old' calendar if I can help it?

  • The Calendar List was added to the My CRM menu in 2019 R1.  Each Sage CRM user can view a compete list of their tasks and appointments in My CRM | Calendar List. By default, the list isn't filtered and shows all tasks and appointments from the moment when the user was created in Sage CRM.  The CalendarList is customizable and controllable within the Administration>Customization>Communication area.

  • What ho Jeff! Its been a while! Hope you are well.

    Okay, so I see that, however, our users can only see their own Calendar List. The beauty of the other one is that if someone is on holiday, you can check their outstanding tasks for the day and drill directly into the opportunity. Can you add a filter to this one? The rest of the stuff in My CRM uses that filter... such as the pipeline tabs (Leads, Opportunities etc)... seems strange its not on as default?

  • Magical

    Can you drop me note

    I'm going to share this with the product owner.  But would you be interested in having a session with us to tell us everything you like about the calendar and everything you hate about the calendar?  It would be a chance to influence the roadmap.

  • Hello Jeff, Will do. The gripe we have is quite basic really. Every other list in CRM is customisable - the grid on the new calendar looks fantastic, however, it is not customisable in any way. We need to add an opportunity column into this grid, or, well a regarding column really, that will let us drill to the Lead or Opportunity that the communication is linked to.

    We've turned on the old calendar grid for now as per the above, and that gets us over a hump. Without that, we would not have been able to upgrade as that plays such a huge part in the way we work. I'll pop you an email over.