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Hello all, Im looking for some information on how one could implement SSO. Is there a way by using .NET I could write some custom login logic that would allow a user to login if they are already authenticated via a custom Authentication server.

Thanks in advance for your help, 


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  • Marquis

    Sage CRM offers integration through Active Directory with IIS Auto login.



  • Hello, first off thank you Richard for replying to my previous post. Unfortunately your reply won't quite work in my situation or Im not sure on how to get it to work exactly.

    I need to be able to write some pre-login code in .NET that will accept a token that gets generated by a 3rd party Authentication server.  From there allow the user access to Sage. 

    Thanks in advance,


  • Marquis

    Do you need to be able to generate a full CRM interface?  Or is this just to extract data?  

    There may be possibilities with either the webservices (REST or SOAP) or using Self Service.

  • Hello Jeff, thanks again for trying to help. Basically I need to be able to control the login process if possible using C#. The actual authentication happens with a 3rd party authentication server that will pass Sage a token if the user has been granted rights.

    In this would take place in the startup.cs allowing one to control the middle ware pipeline for the application. Very similar concept takes place when an app uses Google or Facebook authentication to allow users to login.

  • Google and Facebook use OAuth and Sage CRM does not have that. So the idea of using a token won't work.

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  • Ok thanks again Jeff. By the way is there any way to get to the login code for Sage?

  • , did you achieve this ? it would be interesting to understand how you represented the data in Sage CRM post a valid token from an external system.


    Kannan Srinivasan