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Does anyone know of a way to allow certain users to be able to add to a picklist whilst on a particular screen ie. basically add to on the fly in Sage CRM 7.3?

Any ideas would be most welcome :-)

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  • Below is an example Client Side script that can add a value to a selection list.  This is a script that can be added to a file in the script folder

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\CRM\WWWRoot\js\custom

    For example call this "myscript.js".  

    crm.ready(function () {

       //This script provides a workaround to the problem when info managers are not able to create groups accessible for all users.

       var contextInfo = crm.getArgs();

       //    crm.infoMessage(contextInfo.Act);

       //Set up New group Screen

       if (contextInfo.Act == "581") {

           if (CurrentUser.user_per_admin == "1") {

               $('#PrivacyLevel').append($('<option>', {

                   value: 'GroupAllUsers',

                   text: 'All Users'





  • Thank you Jeff I shall give it a go!