Integrating Sage CRM with WordPress contact form 7

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Hi there, 

does anyone know how I can integrate Sage with WordPress Contact Form 7? I need to set this up for a client but I have no idea where to start. 


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  • I have a hunch that this has been asked before on the Community. It’s worth looking at whether you can change the wordpress form to redirect to the Sage CRM web to lead endpoint.

  • The original question was by me, we got it working - so long as you have ONE Lead workflow and CRM is accessible externally then within Wordpress you can submit a form to

    This is what the customer had set up within WordPress for the fields

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  • Hi there, thanks for your answer. Are you using the 3rd party contact form 7 plugin?

    Would be good to pick your brains on this as I don't fully understand how to set that plugin up.

    Thank you

  • Yes it has, but that post didn't help me.


  • Unfortunately it's something the client and their web marketing company have set up. We only go involved with it because the form was not creating leads in CRM. After looking into the problem we discovered the URL was hitting the CRM system - we could see this in the SQL Logs but no lead was being created - it was down to CRM having more than one Lead workflow and the Submit URL wasn't configured to submit which workflow was needed so CRM ignored the request.

    Rather than adjust the form we just deleted one of the workflows which causes CRM to default to remaining one and that solved our problem. Within the form itself it just looks like they map the form field to a 3rd part value (e.g. FirstName = lead_personfirstname).

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  • Hi thanks for your response.

    This has cleared things up a little. Couple of quick questions if you'd be able to help:

    • Is the SubmitLead part of the submission URL the same for any Sage integration or is this dependant on set up? 
    • When I run this: - I get the message: Web Lead is not enabled. Does this mean that the CRM is not accessible externally? 
    • How do I set up a lead? I suppose what I want is a generic lead such as CF7 form submission which then gets data as the form is submitted? 

    Thanks again

  • Please have a look at this 3 minute video to explain Web To Lead.

  • Thank you,

    this video helped a lot. Unfortunately, I have been given the logins by a client and I don't appear to have the correct admin access to set this up. I will liaise with them and see if I can get that moving!

  • Hi Jeff

    I did make some progress with this but am now getting this error message:




      [lead_personfirstname] => your-name

      [lead_personemail] => your-email

      [lead_personphonenumber] => your-number





      [reason] => Could not locate success clause within response

      [safe_message] => Success Clause not found

      [clause] => Form submitted from Walkers website

      [response] => <HTML><HEAD></HEAD><BODY>Error: Could not add lead as there is more than one lead workflow.</BODY></HTML>


    I understand there's a problem with multiple leads but not sure how I can get around that.


  • Ryan

    The lead workflow you want to use should be enabled. And it should have both a transition rule and a primary rule hanging off the start state.  The customer's administrator should be able to help you with this.

    If you have multiple workflows for Leads created then a selection list will be shown in in the web to lead form that is generated.

    See the code here:

    <FORM Name="WEB2LEAD" method="POST" OnSubmit="return CreateAction()">

    <SCRIPT>function CreateAction()

    {if (document.WEB2LEAD.SELECTWorkFlow == null)document.WEB2LEAD.action = "http://localhost/crm/eware.dll/SubmitLead?RuleID=";else document.WEB2LEAD.action = "http://localhost/crm/eware.dll/SubmitLead?RuleID=" + document.WEB2LEAD.SELECTWorkFlow.options[document.WEB2LEAD.SELECTWorkFlow.selectedIndex].value;return true;



    You'll need to find away of passing this choice in the URL that you are using.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I tried passing the choice through using url parameters but it didn't work. Thankfully we got the integration working in the end as my client was able to remove one of the workflows.

    Thanks for your help


  • Ryan

    That's good to know.  Would you be able to share a simplified version of your code so that other can benefit from your experience?

  • Hi Jeff

    I don't have code as such. I just used Contact Form 7 with this plugin: One thing that got me, the field for Is value should be "unchecked" unless you want to use a static value. See the screenshot

  • Brilliant!  Thanks a million.

  • Jeff thanks for sharing the method of integrating sagecrm with form plugin however, in some case I am using WordPress contact form 7 plugin and WPForm plugin. Does it work same for all plugins? Any useful resource for completing this task.