Push to Mailchimp fails when there are duplicate emails

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Why do duplicate emails in the list cause the push to mailchimp to fail? If you export the list to excel and import the list directly into Mailchimp, it does not fail. We sell to car dealers, and people at those dealers share email addresses. So we need SageCRM to handle duplicate emails when we push the list to Mailchimp.

Is this going to get fixed soon? I would think that it would work just like the manual import to Mailchimp does, and the duplicate email records get ignored/skipped.

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  • I would like to echo the need for this fix.  At some point our CRM duplicated many email addresses within each Company.  Therefore, the MailChimp upload fails.  There are nearly 2,000 records that have duplicate email addresses and by my calculation it would take 80 hours of data entry time to manually go in and fix these records.  It has no effect on the CRM working - just the upload.  I could export to excel and scrub the data then upload to Mailchimp - but that defeats the purpose of having the Mailchimp feature installed in CRM.

    PLEASE fix this!

  • Thanks for your posts.  I have passed these to our Product Management team.  Can you please make sure that you have logged these with your local Sage support team too.  It is important that cases are raised linked to customer need.


  • I am also experiencing the problem with duplicate emails in the list causing the push to mailchimp to fail. We work with libraries and very often different branches share emails. So we need to have duplicate emails in our systems but because of that I'm unable to push my lists to mailchimp. I am export my lists as CSV and upload directly to Mailchimp, but that is a long-winded work around.

    Has there been any ETA on correcting this problem?

  • Sage CRM allows more than one contact to share an email address, because people often do share email addresses. However, there should be a unique, personal email address for every individual in a MailChimp group, because individuals should be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to MailChimp campaigns.

    Somebody subscribing to MailChimp using a shared email address would be subscribing on behalf of everybody else who shares that address, which could result in spam.

    If multiple Sage CRM contacts that share the same email address are added to the same MailChimp group, the campaign will fail because it contains duplicate emails. There is a workaround – the campaign will succeed if all the duplicate emails are removed – but this does not solve the underlying problem with shared email addresses, which is that an individual cannot unsubscribe from the campaign. Until every individual behind a shared email address unsubscribes, they will all continue to receive MailChimp emails. This is spam.

    re: the MailChimp Knowledge Base Article About Duplicate Contacts


    When you add contacts to a list, we’ll automatically scan for duplicates to make sure each email address only appears once.

    MailChimp automatically scans for duplicates when you add or import contacts to a single list. If an address is found in an import file twice or more, we’ll only add it once. If you try to add someone who’s already on your list, we’ll prevent it to avoid duplication.

    Please note that MailChimp scans for and removes duplicates in this context because when the same email address appears more than once, it indicates that the contact appears more than once, i.e. that you’ve tried to add someone who is already on your list.

    This is not the same as intentionally trying to add multiple different contacts who all share the same email address.

    Shared email addresses should be treated in the same way as role-based email addresses; see https://mailchimp.com/help/limits-on-role-based-addresses/

    Role-based addresses are typically company addresses defined by a job rather than a person, and are often managed by several people or eventually fall into disuse. Some of these types of addresses are associated with high bounce rates and spam complaints, so MailChimp blocks them from your import. Role-based email addresses also cannot be used to sign up for a MailChimp account.

    Please see also




  • Thanks for your email Elizabeth, but you are not addressing the core issue. In some business situations there will be several people that share the same email address (smaller companies), or there will be a person that has one email address but represents several companies (for example a broker that reps for 3 different brokerage firms).  In these situations, if the person opts out, they do it for all records, and that is implied and understood.  All we were looking for is a way remove duplicates from the list before it was sent to Mailchimp so that the Push to Mailchimp didn't fail.  It is not realistic in these business situations to remove the duplicate emails from the CRM database, and not worth the time to try and structure the list/group so it filters out individual duplicates.

    A typical scenario right now is the Marketing person builds a group in CRM, let's say it contains 2,000 email addresses.  They do the push to mailchimp and it fails because of duplicates.  They have to have Administrative permissions to view the logs, and they have to be somewhat technical to get to the logs and get the information they are looking for.  Then if there are 10 duplicate emails in the list, they have to try and figure out what to do with them to try and filter them out.  Totally annoying and unrealistic.  Most of the time they end up exporting the list to excel and importing to Mailchimp as a workaround, but then they lose the functionality of having the email results sync back to CRM.

    From your response it looks like the SageCRM development team doesn't see this as a bug or an issue for the customer base.  I have 6 customers right now that can't push groups to Mailchimp because of this issue.  And that number will most likely grow as more customers want to use Mailchimp.  So I went ahead and built a custom view in SageCRM that will eliminate any duplicate emails from a group so that you can always use the view for sending email lists to Mailchimp.  I performed extensive testing on the view.  With this view you can use the Push to Mailchimp feature, and the click and open information syncs back down to SageCRM just fine.  I have one customer already using it successfully.  It has already saved them hours of time.

    If any one out there has the same issue and wants a workaround to the duplicate email limitation in SageCRM feel free to contact me via email.  I have a lot of hours into building and testing it, so it won't be free, but it will solve your problem, and provide you a fix for the issue and be worth your investment.  You won't have to worry about duplicate emails hanging up your email marketing process again!

    Don Grubor

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  • This may be a show-stopper for a client day testing MailChimp integration. There is no easy way to manage duplicates.