Escalation Trigger not working

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I need help with this I have an Escalation Rule Set-Up on the Communication table with the following Trigger SQL Clause:

Comm_Status = 'Completed' AND Comm_Action = 'DA' AND Comm_STOPFIELD IS NULL

This Escalation rule is supposed to simply email a resource and myself then set the Comm_StopField to Yes.

However, no email and the field is not getting set. I am not sure where I am going wrong here. I have read posts concerning turning on all SQL logging but even after letting this to collect all SQL calls I am still not getting anything in the log that pertains to either of those fields. I am thinking there is something wrong with the Trigger SQL Clause to cause this. 

Please include all troubleshooting steps I can take as I am only trying to set-up escalation rules now, and am quite new to the topic.

Version is Sage 2018 R2

Any and all help is appreciated

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  • If you run a SQL query looking for records that should be affected, do any appear? Is the CRM Escalation Service running?

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  • Thank you, this was actually a great of help. Total duh moment, 'Complete', not 'Completed'. I had more issues with the email, but I figured that out pretty quickly as the system.log contained the issue that was going on here. Thanks again.