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There is one requirement on New Case Screen for one of our client:

1. When we select Company SSA filed ,the person SSA filed get auto populated with person belonging to the selected company.

2. Now, my client want to select Multiple persons for a selected company on New case filed.

3. Is it possible to have dynamic Multi select list of persons which get auto populated bases on select of company SSA filed, where user can select multiple person belonging to a single company.

Appreciate if any one has any suggestion or can guide the flow, that i will have to develop 

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  • The field in the cases table is case_primarypersonid.  This is a foreign key within a parent-child relationship.  The type of field that this represents expects only one value.  This is to maintain the referential integrity.

    If you want to extend the information held in the case so that additional alternative contacts for the company can be recorded then the easiest thing to do is use the Relationship tab and define a relationship that allows you to record alternative contacts.

  • Thanks Jeff, I will pass this information to them as I also thought what they are asking is not viable in terms of CRM process flow. I will check the Relationship TAB for how to do it.

    Many thanks Again.