Sage CRM 2017/ Sage 300 ERP 2017 Integration Question: Item Inventory/ New Quote/ New Order Buttons not appearing on Company Summary Screen

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Sagacious ones,

Looking for some ERP/CRM integration advice at a site running Sage CRM 2017/ Sage 300 ERP 2017. Integration functionality like promote to customer, promote to vendor, customer statistics, O/E Inquiry is working fine but it looks like I don’t have all the right buttons on the company summary screen.

EG no “Item Inventory/ New Order / New Quote” buttons appear on the company summary screen but the corresponding ASP pages are in the \WWWRoot\CustomPages\ACCPAC folder where I’d expect them to be.

I think I've successfully ruled out security issues at the user & database level and any odd customizations for system menus and Company tabs. 

I confirmed that the correct version of the integration was installed. 

What might I be missing?

Thanks for any ideas!


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  • Any ideas? I've also confirmed that button group "Company Summary Accpac Quote Order " is in place in Administration>Advanced Customization>Button Groups.


  • Sage Portal installed and running properly?