Creating New Company - name changed to lower case

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Sage CRM 2018 R2

When creating a New company "Test Company", after pressing "Save" the company summary is shown and the Company name has been changed to lower case "test company".

There are no field level scripts.

There are no Table level scripts.

There are no Company name clean up rules.

Looking at the SQL log file, the Insert statement has the Company name in lower case, so a script must be changing the company name before it is inserted into the database.

Updating the company name to the correct case and pressing save, the company then saves correctly.

Does anyone know which script would be doing this?  The Company Name field is the only field affected by this that I am aware of.

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  • Though not a solution, just to let you know I have seen this on two different customer sites and we have it logged with Sage support to look into. Both customers were 'upgraded' to 2018 R2 rather than fresh installations (in case that has any bearing).

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  • Thank you Matthew.  This is an "upgrade" as well.  

  • Hi,  I could not find the script on this either so worked around it with a TLS on insert which corrected the issue for me.

    function InsertRecord()


         var companyName = Values('Comp_Name');

         Values('Comp_Name') = toTitleCase(companyName);


  • Just looked through the release notes for v2019 R1 and it's a bug that has been fixed

    "Company name clean up option converted company names to lowercase" = this isssue is fixed (0-170792-QA)

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