Removing Blank Data from Search Selection Box

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I am using Sage 7.3a. In case of search selection box, search list does not appear exactly below. Please advice. Also Please let me know how to remove blank data from the search list.

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  • Hi,

    Assuming the field name would be comp_partner:

    Go to that field to edit it in Administration -> Entity -> Field

    You will see a field name Search SQL, put "comp_partner is not NULL " in that field and hit Save

    Lets see if this works for you.



  • Thanks Sharad for your reply.

    I have already tries your suggestion. When I use it, search result is almost missing (Just see single horizontal line).

  • The issue is around data in the table/view the advanced search select field is looking at. You need to investigate why there are blank data rows in the source data rather than try to suppress the output to the field.

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  • Got a required result by doing modifications in "View Fields" and "Search SQL".

  • Why the list does not appear exactly below the search selection box? Is this a known issue? I am using Contemporary Theme.