Communication Task Follow-Up, but Clone Original task

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There is the Create Follow-Up Task that after clicking "Save", allows you to create a new task, but I would like the ability to Clone the Original Task, not all fields but most fields to copy over to the New Task... Any thoughts?

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  • The url on clone has the previous comm Id in it so you can use this to read the cloned values, either via stats or in the field create script.

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  • Thank you for the reply Mr. Lewis, but while I have learned a great deal of the application, you are going to have to go into more detail, I am not sure of what you mean when you say "url on clone". I am familiar with the Clone button on the Quote Screen but I haven't seen that button anywhere else.

  • When creating a follow-up task, the "Key6" in the URL is the ID of the communication you are following up. This ID can be used to find the data that needs to be cloned. The data can be retrieved in a createscript e.g. "CRM.FindRecord('communication', Values('Key6'))" or via sData e.g.:


       entity: "communication",

       id: crm.getArg("Key6"),

       success: function(record) {




  • Thank you so much I never realized until just now that the Create Follow-Up Task carried that over. I should now be able to get this to work. Thank you so much Mr. Kingsbury, and Mr. Lewis... Oh how this will change many things, that I can set up.