Sage CRM 2018R3 Integrated with Sage 300 2019

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I am having an issue with Sage CRM 2018 R3 and Sage 300 2019 integration.

CRM and Sage 300 are on separate servers.

CRM is setup to be accessed via HTTPS

There is no HTTPS access to Sage 300 web screens on the Sage 300 server

When CRM is accessed via HTTPS the web screens in Sage CRM do not load, the loading animation just keeps going and going, nothing loads.  For example if I navigate to a company and click the Customer tab, the tab contents will never load.

If I access CRM via HTTP, this issue does not occur and everything loads fine.

In the administration section of CRM, the integration is configured as http://Sage300Server, as this is the only way web screens can be accessed.  But if CRM is accessed via https, my guess is it is trying to use https to access web screens.

Is there a configuration somewhere to change to allow this to work?

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  • Your browser might be blocking mixed content, a common security feature to stop loading non-HTTPS content from HTTPS connections. Check if there is a warning present in the browser.

    Otherwise, get a free ssl cert for the 300 server from Let's Encrypt.

  • I found that in addition to the mixed content, the Sage 300 server also needs to have a public IP so the web screens can be accessed outside the network.  While accessing CRM externally and attempting integration functions such as the Customer screen, it calls a web screen url, and if I am not on the server or connected to the network, it returns a 502 error.  Syncing tables and importing records works, but not any of the web screens.