I seem to have click-happy employees who accidentally click 'Promote to Order" rather than "View/Edit. This has happened several times, which instantly results in the quote changing to an order with no opportunity to recant the click. I would most prefer a popup to confirm the user wishes to promote the quote to an order, but don't have the skill set to do that. Based on research online I thought I might add a dummy button between View/Edit to give the user a little more space between them using the following in Custom Content:

[code language="javascript"]
crm.ready(function () {
var buttonimage = '..\\Themes/img/color/buttons/about.gif';
var stringURL = crm.url("testpage.asp")+"&PopupWin=Y";
var buttonaction = {
'href': '#',
'index': 2,
click: function () { window.open(stringURL, 'newwindow', 'toolbar=0 , scrollbars=0, location=0, statusbar=0, menubar=0 , resizable=0, width=800, height=400, left = 340, top = 200'); }
crm.addButton(buttonimage, 'LPDataSourceTypes', 'ClickCarefully', buttonaction);

This ALMOST has the desired result: with index=2 the "button" ClickCarefully appears immediately below "Promote to Order... but changing index=1 moves ClickCarefully ABOVE View/Edit... it's as if View/Edit and Promote to Order are stuck together intentionally. 

Ideally I wouldn't have to do anything. My preference would be:

1. Include security that allows me to specify exactly which employees can promote a quote to an order, and

2. Even for those with security clearance, include a confirmation popup to ensure they MEANT to click that button

3. OR: Move that particular button to a location that would make it less likely it gets clicked by accident.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish any of those three goals--preferably relatively easy? Thanks!