How to hide buttons on groups?

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Who knows how to hide the standard buttons on the group page?

I want top hide the "send consent email" button for most of the CRM users. (or make it available only for a specific user profile)

Could we hide it from with a js in the custom.js folder? How?

Tanks for your help.


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  • In the clientside script you can use


    BUT this will hide both the 'New Email' button and the 'New Consent E-mail' button.

  • Hi Jeff,

    But if course we still need the new email button... ;-)

    And this will also hide the send email on the communication tab?

    Couldn't we control only the consent button? Is there another name?

    If we add a function on the custom.js, we should have the possibility to call this function from the group page ( but there is no custom content field to do this).

    Or can we add the hide.button script in  a crm.ready() function into the custom.js ( as we do in a custom content)?

    Shouldn't we  use a getcontextinfo or similar in the script?

    I haven't seen a similar example. Do you know I can find one?


  • The following example will hide the button if the current user is not "Admin"


    if(crm.getArg("Act") === "585")


    if(CurrentUser.user_logon !== "Admin")






  • Hi John,

    Great, thanks for this. It helped me a lot.

    In my previous tests I used a wrong button name so with no effect ;-)