Error Webservices Sage CRM : Failed to add cases 0 successfully, UnexpectedEvent

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we have a problem when we use Sage CRM Webservices to add cases : 

Sometimes, the Webservices failed and return this message : "Failed to add cases 0 successfully, UnexpectedEvent"

The connexion is open and close each time / We use the same user. 

Any idea of the issue? 




Philippe LIMA,

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  • Philippe

    The good news is that Web Service interactions should appear both in the System Log and the SQL Log.  Do these give any indication what the UnexpectedEvent may be?

  • Thanks

    I find in the SQL Log an error because a field are too small

    Chain or binary data will be truncated

    The webservices can't truncate data

    I’ve increased the size of the field -> All OK

    Thanks Jeff


    Philippe LIMA,