Groups tab showing too many groups since upgrade to CRM2018R2

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Hi All,

I am just testing an upgrade from 7.1F to CRM2018 R2. One thing I have noticed is that after the upgrade I seem to have gained a lot more groups that before. Prior to the upgrade my Groups tab in My CRM was displaying 33 groups. After the upgrade it is now showing 245!

I ran the SQL profiler when clicking on the groups tab and I can see a difference in the query CRM generates :

7.1F query :

select * FROM vTargetLists WITH (NOLOCK)
WHERE Repo_Options & 128 <> 0 AND (repo_privateUserID= 37 OR repo_privateUserID=-1 OR repo_privateUserID=0)

2018 R2 query : 

select * from vTargetLists WITH (NOLOCK)
WHERE Repo_Options & 128 <> 0 AND Repo_ReportId NOT IN (select Repo_ReportId from custom_reports where Repo_Options & 128 <> 0 AND Repo_EmarketingVendor ='MailChimp' )
ORDER BY Repo_Name, Repo_ReportID

Can someone explain why I see so many groups after the upgrade that I did not see before ?

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  • The first query looks like it’s filtering by user id 37 whereas the second is showing all groups for all users.

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  • Thats what I noticed. User id 37 is me, but what I want to know is why in the old version its filter by groups created by me, yet in the new CRM its showing all groups for all users ?