I have created a create new group button to go on my case screen. The button when clicked opens up the create new group page in a pop up but when I click save nothing happens. However  if I click save without entering information the correct validation comes up saying please enter group name. This is my code on my asp page:

var CreateURL = (eWare.Url(597)+"&Act=133"+"&Mode=1"+"&Clk=T"+"&T=Case"+"&Key0=22"+"&Key1=8");

var CustGroupBtn = eWare.Button("Create New Group", "new.gif","NEWGROUPFROMFIND=window.open('"+CreateURL+"','NEWGROUPFROMFIND','scrollbars=,menubar=no,resizable=,top=200, width=400,height=300');");;
var reff = /href/gi;
CustGroupBtn = CustGroupBtn.replace(reff,"onclick");

Does anyone know what I might be missing?