Creating a Codeless Search Screen on an External Database using RunBlock jrichards 3142012

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I am trying to follow the article posted is the subject of my post and running into SQL errors.  We have CRM 7.3 installed on a MS Server 2012.  I have sucessfully created a secondary entity as well as screens and lists based on the fields of the entity (a external db and table)  We then built a wrapper block (I tired several: entryblock, listblock and searchblock all with no success)  And then a runblock under advanced customization|system menus|user (limited to just me: user 56)  

I can see the option but when I click on it I get a magenta bar with SQL ERROR displayed

Any ideas suggestions?

Thanks Erich

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  • What is the error in the SQL logs?

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  • Not know exactly how to edit my post I am including the following in an attempt to shed more light on the issue.  I get the following when trying to run a custom asp against the same external db table.  the query is a simple select * from Outreach_Contacts   I added the external db and table without any problems I can see the columns and can create screens and list with not issues.  But when I trying to use them I get an SQL failure.  The codeless failure with the entryblock list block is a bit different in that CRM was generating an query statement on it own which appears have syntax problems.  This was probably due to my table having name with spaces which apparently is not allowing in CRM.  I have since rename the columns attaching the words in each name with underbars. I have inserted the SQL I received with the simple asp page here: May 12 2019 11:45:47.788 12020 15616 1 fselectsql,time,sql,errormsg 31 SELECT count(*) as fcount FROM Outreach_Contacts  WITH (NOLOCK) Invalid object name 'Outreach_Contacts'

  • Erich

    If you just need to surface the information in CRM for ReadOnly purposes then I suggest that you create a view in the source database that renames the columns in a way that CRM likes.  Then connect to that view.