Sage CRM 2019 - Email with Gmail

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Hi All , 

We trying to configure the CRM (CRM 2019) mail with GMAIL . 

But keep getting the following error,

The SMTP Setup on the Windows Server 2019 is working perfectly  and during the test the mails are being sent without any issues.

But on the CRM for some reason facing this challenge.

Appreciate the support 

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  • Hi Asmuais

    Looks like you're using the email polling option, have you gone to 'Administration - Email and Documents - Advanced Email Management Server Options' and entered in the Admin password here?

      CRM Consultant

    Pinnacle Computing Ltd

  • Hi Mathew,

    Thanks for getting back, Yes I did that as well.

    But on another note , should it be the admin details of the crm or server ?

  • Hi Asmuwais

    It's the CRM Admin account password.

      CRM Consultant

    Pinnacle Computing Ltd

  • did you set up the TLS Option in Email Management Server Options, as TLS ensures you are able to connect to Secure SMTP based services like Gmail and Office 365, you also need to configure the relevant SSMTP  ports


    Kannan Srinivasan