Stub Appointments In Sage CRM 2018 R3

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Is there any way to change a “stub appointment” (i.e an appointment that was synced from exchange to crm where the organizer of the appointment is not a CRM User). We would like to be able to update the appointment with meeting notes and change the status to complete.


p.s. Note that our syncing is one way (from Exchange/Outlook to CRM).


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  • Hi

    I've never come across this as I generally configure it the other way. But in any case do you know have a user/resource within CRM to which the appointments are attaching to? Appointments should only synchronise into CRM if you have a user account with an email address against it. So in theory if you log in as this user you should be able to edit the appointment. If that works OK then check your setting which allows users who are not the organiser to edit it.

    Administration - Email and Document - Exchange Server Integration - Connection Management

    'Allow non-organisers to edit linked organiser appointments = Yes'

    Finally if this is already set to Yes, then double check your Security Profiles - are users allowed to edit appointments which are not their own?

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  • Hi Matthew,

    We do have a user within CRM that the appointment attaches to. They can see the appointment in their calendar, however a banner saying 'it will not be possible to synchronize this appointment to the Exchange Server as the organizer is not a CRM user. There is a change button, but if they click on this, an error comes up.

    I have checked all the above settings you mentioned and they are as specified. I have also tried using the unrestricted security profile with no luck.