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We have a custom entity with its corresponding progress table to track record changes as it progresses through a workflow.

It is observed that when the workflow action button for the entity record is clicked, the configured workflow screen don't appear. We are directed to blank screen. The screens in question here are standard configurable screens (generated from dll) with fields etc and are not calling any custom ASP pages.

Has anyone in the past faced a similar situation? If so, do we know what caused it and what was done to resolve this?


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  • Hi Shadab

    Workflow screens do not call on ASP pages, they call on screens as generated by the DLL. So when creating your workflow is the first rule a Primary rule and do you have fields displaying in that action? Secondly is the Workflow enabled / activated?

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  • Hello Matthew,

    Thank you for your response. I think there may have been a misunderstanding because of the way I have phrased my original question. Yes, I am aware a workflow screen calls a DLL page, what I was trying to explain above was that in this instance the workflow action calls a DLL and not an ASP page. The workflow action is configured to show fields but for some reason renders a blank screen when attempting to progress the workflow. Yes, the first rule is a primary rule and the workflow is also enabled.