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[Newbie alert]

In building a dashboard, I managed to get a gadget running that shows opportunities by sales rep.  Works fine except there is no way to filter the opportunities.  So lost opportunities show up.  My objective is to have a gadget that shows active opportunities by sales rep, not a raw, whatever is in the system number.  It seems like you can create a report that, for example, shows a weighted pipeline but no way to put that up as a gadget on a dashboard nor anyway to edit that opportunities data point the gadget relies on.

I've attached a screenshot so you can see the gadget.  That 6 million you see should only be about 3 given two big opportunities are lost.

Thanks for any pointers on how to make these gadgets customizable.

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  • Hello Rick

    The Report Design has an option of Defining your report Filters to help you categorize your Opportunities as Active (Perhaps based on a field called Updated Date) on the Opportunity itself or perhaps based on a custom status field on the opportunity mentioning if its an Active Opportunity), once the filters are fixed, you can associate it to the dashboard. Hope this helps.

    I hope you have the right to edit the reports and define the filters to retrieve Active Opportunities.




    Kannan Srinivasan

  • Kannan,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.   I have admin/super rights so this shouldn't be a problem for me.  Will dig in.  Again, thank you.