How to define default value in key attributes ?

  • I have a key attribute list (Y/N) 

    Can i define on a specific key attribute category list - a default value ? And if yes, how ?



  • Hi Sabine,

    When editing a Key Attribute field, you can make that field 'required', change its Entry Width + edit some other field attributes - but you cannot set a default on a Key Attribute ‘Selection’ field, the way you can on normal, standard 'selection' fields in CRM.

    Key Attribute fields are harder to get at and customise, e.g. on standard [non Key Attribute] screens you can add some CreateScript to add a DefaultValue to fields.

    Setting a default on a Key Attribute field would be a useful Product Enhancement.

    Pat Dolan

    Senior Support Engineer, Sage CRM | Sage CRM Solutions