Workflow simple question

  • Just wanted to know how to accomplish a simple goal. I've got custom entity PROJECT. A project has a status field and the goal here is, as soon as a project is marked as COMPLETE, a given CRM person receives a notification about, so he can go ahead and create pending invoices for the project. I assume this is achieved on workflow, but some advice will be appreciated




  • You can use a simple escalation rule.  A simple SQL clause can be used e.g.

    proj_status = 'Complete'

    That can then  display a notification.

  • Hi,

    When I goto create an escalation, I dont get the option to select a custom entity.  How can I create an escalation for a custom entity?


  • Gavriel

    Which version are you using Sage CRM 6.2 or Sage CRM v7?

  • v7.