Component versioning and importing

  • Hello there. We've created a custom component we've exported to a 2nd project. Now we have a "2.0 version" and would also like to apply to the other project too. Is there a procedure for that? Installing the component will upgrade it in the 2nd project? Please advise


  • Hi Francisco,

    If you re-import the component into the 2nd project it should update and overwrite what was there before.

    If you wanted to be completely sure you could add some different text to the ecf file maybe with 'version 2.0' in the description

    Description=This component installs version 2.0 of custom component

    Depending on what the component contains you may encounter some constraint errors.

    There is no harm in trying the re-import though.

    If you can give it a go and let me know if you enounter any errors



  • Thanks Elaine for your tips. Regarding this, is there a way to export secondary entities to another CRM? If not possible thru the CRM admin, which tables/records should be extracted/inserted to achieve this?


  • Hi Francisco

    Do you have an example of an entity you would like to export ?

    Then I can advise you of the best way to do this


  • Sure! I've got a project entity which shows in the screen eligible to be exported. But also have a "subentity" called ProjectPhase which is just a table definition, views, some screens and some ASP pages. Is there a way to automate exporting all this so I do not left something behind? Thanks!

  • Hi Francisco,

    This is a little messy. I would try scripting out your file then filtering this , pick out the parts relevant to project and ProjectPhase. Once you have done this save this as a new .es file , create a.ecf file with the description in it , zip these files and try to import into a different CRM install

    I submitted an article on component recording on Friday. In future if you are making customizations / designing components you may wish to re-use you could record these separately using the method described in the blog

    I hope this helps