Step by Step Solution: Fixing SetIdentityColumn failed error

  •     Hello World,

        Here is a solution for the error " SetIdentityColumn failed" in Sage CRM.

        Steps for going ahead in fixing the issue:

    1.      Assume that you are creating a table in Sage CRM by (Assumptions)

    a.       Going to – AdministrationAdvanced CustomizationTables and DatabasesCreate Table – Ref: Screen shot (1), Screen shot (2) & Screen shot (3)

    b.      Created an entry block to enter the new record.

    c.       You get this error on executing that block.

    2.      Solution steps

    a.       Run a query in your DB server (e.g. MS SqlServer)  select * from custom_tables where bord_name='TestTable'

                                                                                          i.      – Ref: Screen shot(4)

    b.      Find out what value is stored in column “bord_idfield” in the table “Custom_Tables”.

                                                                                          i.      - Ref: Screen shot(4)

    c.       Run an update query with the corresponding Primary key filed of that particular entity. I’m executing the statement by using bord_tableid, because it is the id column of Custom_Tables.

                                                                                          i.      update custom_tables set bord_idfield='tst_TestTableId' where bord_tableid = 10171

    1.      Ref: Screen shot(5)

    d.      Refresh Metadata

    e.      Issue must be solved now.


    Screen shot (1) for table creation:


    Screen shot  (2) after table creation:


    Screen shot (3)  to check in the Database:

    Screen shot (4) for the query 1 result:


    Screen shot (5) for the query 2 result:

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  • oh thank you so much.. I will try this solution. :)

  • There is no need to use direct access to the database.  Please see: