Correct Team should be automatically being assigned when creating a new Opportunity record

  • Hi,

    We would like that the field "Team" will be filled in automatically when creating a new Opportunity record. I already did the following:

                   Administration / Customisation / Opportunity Progress -> Field "Default" has been set to "Current Users Default Team"

                   Administration / Customisation / Opportunity -> Field "Default" has been set to "Current Users Default Team"

                   Administration / Advanced Customisation / Workflow / Opportunity Workflow. I opened the Rule "New Opportunity" and I did check within the Workflow Action "oppo_channelid". The type is "Set Column Value" and within Column I have filled in "oppo_channelid" I can choose for the field "Value" an existing Team, but then this will be executed for all the opportunities created by all users. Every user will (for example) create an opportunity within the Team "Sales Support"


    I would like that this field would be automatically filled in depeding on the primary team of each user. How can I do that?



  • Hi

    please try in the workflow following code:

    oppo_ChannelID = #C



  • Use either

    in the Value field


    or in the Create script use

    DefaultValue = CurrentUser.user_primarychannelid;

  • Hi,

    Thank you all for your input! With your help I succeeded in solving the issue, but there's one more thing. Let's assume the opportunity has been created and I want to reassign the opportunity to another user. I would like that the current user just has to reassign the opportunity to another user and that the team would be filled in automatically.

    I did some tests and within my workflow I tried to apply your code (see above) within the "OnChange Script" and/or "Validate Script" on the specific Action for the specific Rule, but the Team field will remain empty.

    When I create a new Action from the type "Set Column Value"  and the Column is "oppo_channelid" then It's even not possible to fill in some code in the Value field because it's just a dropdown that contains my different Teams. Even when experimenting with the OnChange Script and Validate Script here will not help me.

    What can I do to make this last part work?

    Thanks already.

  • In a workflow action field use the create script example I gave

    DefaultValue = CurrentUser.user_primarychannelid;

    If you are a member of the developer program you can download a sample component that installs an example Opportunity Workflow that shows how to do lots of interesting things in workflow.

  • Hi

    I have a query regarding the setting of the opportunity team in an opportunity in question.  In the example I am trying to model, an opportunity can be passed onto to a CRM user who is a member of a different team.

    So what i need to achieve is that the oppo_channelid is set to the team of the person selected from the pop up list, rather than the team of the current user.

    DefaultValue = CurrentUser.user_primarychannelid;  appears to leave the team to that of the current user.

    Many thanks


  • Did anyone find a workaround for this as I have the same issue?  I'd like to auto set the team to the assigned to user that's set on the opportunity not the user that's currently logged in, thanks.