MS Exchange Software toy file inbound emails as communications from a Person if the email address is in SageCRM

  • If anyone knows how to accomplish an integration with Exchange so that inbound (and outbound emails originated on Outlook through Exchange) could be automatically filed by Contact, that would be incredibly helpful. 


    Ideally they would then show up as Communications......and be searchable by keyword (based on text within the email) from within CRM...


    If this requires Third party software - please suggest the best value.......etc....


  • Hi there,

    It sounds like the CRM Email Manager should be able to do this for you?

    You can set it up to monitor inbound and outbound emails based.

    Just let me know if you need any information about it but you will find a good start in the sys admin guide Chapter 38: E-mail Management.



  • There is also an article about  how the Mail Manager works here:

  • Emmet, I came across your subsequent post to the original question you asked 4th Feb. Check out my reply here. Mail Manager does the job well, but there is a lot to consider before recommending a solution to a client.


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