Problem with On-Demand on 64 bit Windows 7 system running Office 2010

  • I've read several of the posts regarding running Windows 7 with CRM 7 but can anyone give me some ideas on how to make it work with Windows 7 running Office 2010?

    Here's my process:

    -I log in from

    -Go to Admin and find "download outlook plugin"

    -I get an error message on the .net framework screen that tells me to click yes to security protocols

    -I continue on to downloading the CRM client

    -Install fails because it requires Office 2003/7

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't 7.0 supposed to have a patch that fixed the 2010 problem?  I then go to updating thinking I might not be fully updated and I'm updated to 7.0.  Is there a plugin or patch I need to download before installing the Office integration plugin?




  • Hi Brent,, our On Demand CRM product does not yet support Outlook 2010. The On Demand CRM product currently supports integration with Outlook 2003 and 2007.

    The SageCRM On Demand Team are currently working on finalising the release of SageCRM v7.1 for our On Demand platform which will be released later this year. This new version will introduce support for Outlook 2010 as well as a number of exciting new features including:

     -  Exchange Server 2010 integration

     -  E-Marketing Integration with SwiftPage

     -  Core Communication Module Enhancements

     -  Marketing Campaign Management Enhancements

     -  The new Interactive Dashboard

     -  New Fusion Report Charts

    I will be keeping all of our On Demand customers up to date via the SageCRM EcoSystem so please stay tuned for further details. Also, should you have any further questions please do not hestiate to contact me.

    Kind regards,