Duplication of e-mails

  • When e-mails are sent out of Sage CRM v7.1, two e-mail communications are created. How can this be turned off?

  • Hi Robert,

    If the email is linked to multiple users or persons then Sage CRM creates a email for each of the users or persons. So if you look at the communication tab from company level then you will find communication for each users or persons. But when you go to a person or a user context under MyCRM -> Communication you will find the communications listed for that particular user or person.

    This functionality is more like an MS Outlook application i.e. if you send a mail addressed to multiple persons then each person will have his own copy of mail. The only difference being that under company since you can see a list of all the persons we also see a list of all communications and hence the communication seem to be duplicated.




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  • Thank you Dinesh for the explanation.

    Kind regards