Changing the sorting order in A/R inquiry page

  • Is there any metohd for changing the sorting order on A/R inquiry screen. I went through the codes in AR_inquiry.asp page but I couldn't find any command for sorting over there.

    Right now the page is sorted according to document number but our customer want to see it according to document date or due date.

    I could change the position of the sort  button as you on the picture but it still works on the document number.

    Any answer is greatly appreciated.

  • The list that is returned is from a Sage ERP Accpac view called AROBL, using the Accpac view interface.   for example these lines here in the AR_Inquiry.asp page




       pageHndlr.CountPages(AROBL, APOBLFilter());


    catch (e)


       ViewCallFailed (e, 'AROBL', 'Fetch');


    If you wanted to change the order of the records returned, this is where you would do it, if it is possible.   I don't know enough about the view interface to help further. Perhaps you could contact the Accpac support team to see if it can be done?