Imports Sage Accpac Customers

  • Hi ,

    Can I constrain Accpac Customers when imports it from CRM?

    Ex: Get all customers from Accpac who is Group Code = 100.



  • Hi,


    Yes, it can be achievable but for this you need to modify the existing Import Customer routine and add your custom filter criteria (i.e. Group code=100).






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  • many thanks :)

  • Hi Dinesh,

    How about the Accpac Synchronization component, how do you stop that from pushing certain data to CRM?

    Gaetano Siano
    ADSS Global – NC Branch

  • Whats the correct procedure to update all customers at ERP and then synchronize in CRM? We need to update all Customers Tax groups by new requirement here in law....we will do that through Import from Excel but not sure if we need top Suspend CRM integration temporaly and then use again and Sync in CRM to import Customers again...any help?

  • Oscar

    Not everyone on this community uses Sage 300 and I am not sure that people will see this question by adding it to this thread.  I think you need to create a new question.

    But if you don't get a response here you may want to post you question on the Sage City forums.