Email not Saving as Communications

  • When I try to log a communication (ie. Email out) referring to a specific company the communication does not get logged.

    For example: One sales is emailing about a company (quote/order/project/bid) to another person in the office. There’s no way to tie the email to the company.

    If I have the company selected, and I click on communication,

    Then click new email, the To: address is the default contact for the company (understandably) but I'm emailing one of my sales staff to give them information about this company,

    I click send using outlook (because that's what we use), the outlook pops up, and I send it. CRM returns to the company communication list and that email is not there. (If you'll look at the previous screen, the "Do not file this communication" is NOT checked!

    Now the interesting thing is that if I navigate to a specific opportunity (within the same company), click on the communications tab and send an email that way, it DOES set it as a communication!

    But then I go back to just the company, and click communication (because just like document drop; if it's in the documents in the opportunity, it will also be in the documents of the company) those communications are not there either!

    This is a huge issue because while creating a bid for a company, there's quite a bit of emailing and communications between the different people in preparing a bid. I understand that just having an email about a company and not relating it to a specific opportunity could easily flood up the communications box of that company, but even if that email is tied to an opportunity, I should be able to see it in the general company communication box. (Like document drop does for documents.)

  • Have you checked the filter, to the right of the communication screen at the company level?

    What is that set to?

    Do you have access to the SQL database? Can you find the communication in there?

  • Thank you for your response. I've had many testing with this communication thing and here's what I've found out.


    > An email sent to a company will be logged in the company’s communications.

    > An email sent to a company’s contact will be logged with the contact and company’s communications.

    > An email sent to anyone through an opportunity’s communications (not a company or company’s contact) will be logged with the opportunity’s communications.

    For example, the only way an email is logged with a company is if it to the company, or a person in the company. So if you want an email to a co-worker regarding a company, you'll have to attach it to an opportunity that has the company also attached to it.

    Here's a table I've created to show whether an email will be logged as a communication. Let me know what you think.


  • Awesome Table Nick!

    But you are missing one line: when You send an email

    1. Out of Opportunity (e.g. from Company Communication tab)

    2. Sent to an outside email (e.g. colleague)

    3. Not viewable in any Communication tab.

    This is a serious shortfall of the system, imo.

  • email sage crm.JPG

    here is the amended table

  • Thanks! I've updated my table (I like documentation).

  • I would like clarification: is this working as designed? I consider being unable to locate the communication from the Company to be a serious shortcoming... we may have numerous Opportunities going with a single Company and I don't want to have to search each Opportunity one by one for a specific email... it should also be linked to the Company and Person record. But according to this table it simply won't happen... is that correct? Sage, are there plans to correct this in future?

  • Julie

    If an email is sent out in the context of the Company and Person, whether this is linked to an Opportunity, Case or a custom entity then that email will be created as a communication and saved under the context of the company and person.  You will be able to see all the outbound emails associated with the company or person from their respective communications list.

  • Hi Jeff

    As previously discussed in the thread, this is not always the case. For example, if I'm in the Context of a Company, and in the Company's communication screen, and send an email to an external address (e.g., then a communication record is NOT created. This is what we believe to be a shortfall of the system. Or is there a reason behind it?



  • Yes, Robert, this is in part, why I made this post to begin with. In our industry, at least, people change hands quite often, and so emails sent out are often people who aren't even created as contacts in CRM. I thought it would be a fairly painless procedure to simply put a Search Select Advanced field with Company, Person, and Opportunity (with maybe the option to select tasks, leads, cases) in the box when you create a new email. This way from anywhere you can quickly document the email using search select fields, or if you're clicking new email from the opportunity, it will auto-populate those fields.

  • Hi Nick,

    Just going over your post here and with your preferences for using Email in CRM, is a split screen selected for "Email screen position"?

    This helps to search for contacts/companies etc. and add other email recipients to the Email you are composing as the top of the CRM screen provides full CRM functionality whilst leaving your Email window open for you to create the message.  

    You probably already know this but for those who aren't aware, there needs to be a record created with a contacts Email address stored in it for the communication to be filed.  You would just add the new contact into the system with the Email address and then add them into the Email template.  (You click on the email hyperlink with your Email window open and the address populates the To: textbox) Send and it will be filed against their contact record.

    Seeing the communications regarding a "company" may need a bit of customisation and I am sure it can be done!

    Cheers Nick.


    Penny Vaskess

  • The split screen function is great, but I set the screen at normal as a default for my users. The extra level of emailing and navigation is another element to training that, at least right now, the users probably wouldn't welcome.

    Although it's fabulous that I can click on an email and it pops into the To: box, it still wouldn't incentivise the users to input new contacts for a company. I thought by having those two boxes available there it would do a few things that the split screen couldn't provide:

    > Visually show the user where the communication will be logged (with the company, contact, opportunity 'lead/case?' or any combination of those)

    > Auto-fill for when email link is clicked within an opportunity, a company, or a person (ease of use)

    > Give the user the option to quickly change any of the fields (further adding the importance of contacts in CRM and the benefits of using CRM in conjunction with Outlook)

    > Fields are already learned and familiar (through opportunity/company/contact creation)


    In addition I think the newer version of CRM doesn't even have the split screen, so I wouldn't want to all of a sudden say, "Oh yeah, we upgraded so you can't use that neat feature anymore."