Converting a CRM Date field into mm/dd/yyyy.

  • Hey All!

    I have scanned the posts and cannot find an answer for this one....

    I am within the <%%> in an ASP file and have the include files in place. I am not using any CRM blocks. This file - and subsequent screen output - is formatted to look like, print, and/or save to PDF as our quote.

    I need to convert the field value Quot_UpdatedDate into mm/dd/yyyy.

    I have tried standard methods pulled from W3C using toDateString and then substr(X,Y) and keep getting "Object is null", or SQL errors, depending on how I grab the data.

    Any thoughts?


  • Please see

  • Read them both thoroughly. This and currency formatting are jumping up the ladder to Jeff here. He has a much broader skill set. BUT - after reading those articles, I could not find an answer that let me trunk the data in that field and just display it as mm-dd-yyyy.

    Thanks for the quick response.

  • Hello,

    Use javaScript date functions.