Creating a New Field for Selection in Emails.

  • I want to create a field that uses our users and their emails. Right now there's only a handful of fields (shown below) for each opportunity. Currently, when I create an email template I can select "--Opportunity-- Assigned To-"- or "--Company-- Account Manager--."

    I want to create another field for opportunities called "--Opportunity -- Salesperson --."

    The goal is when an opportunity is created, we want an email sent out to the Account Manager (done), the Assigned To(done), and the Salesperson.

  • You can reference any field using the ## codes as you have done.  But those fields must be in the underlying view used for the context.


  • Great! I created a user select, slapped it on the opportunity details box, then under the opportunity Entity notification emails in the to box I added #oppo_salesperson#. It works!

    Now if I can link a field in MAS to a salesperson field in CRM (as my other post) the field would be automatically populated.

    Thank you so much for the help!