Updating linked Entity in Workflow

  • Hi,

    I have a scenario where I have created a Custom Entity called Project and the Project has linked Opportunities. The idea being that ultimately, one of the linked Opportunities will 'Win' and the others 'Lose'.

    I have created a workflow for my Project Entity to monitor the status of the Project and also to notify various teams, but the bit I am struggling with is being able to update the linked Opportunities from the Workflow at the point that they need to be marked either Won or Lost.

    Is it possible to update fields against linked entities from within a workflow, or would it be possible to display, for example, the 5 Opportunities that are linked to my Project using an ASP page, and edit the status' there? My only other thought is that I can jump to the Opportunities list against my Project using the Workflow, but then would like to edit the Stage/Status of each one without the need to go into eachOpportunity, edit, then save and return to the Project to do the next one... Can the fields in my ProjectOpportunity.asp page be displayed for amendment?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • David

    Did you create the opportunities within the Project workflow?  In which case have you used the idea of the label?  See  


    Or are the Opportunities just child records which have a foreign key relationship with the parent Project?


    select * from opportunities where oppo_projectid = 1234;