CRM7.1SP2 - Accpac Integration Error on Customer Add in Accpac




    1 x Sage CRM 200 7.1SP2 on Windows Server 2008 R2

    1 x SQL 2008 R2 & Accpac 500 6.0 on Windows server 2008


    Since upgrading to CRM 7.1 SP2 from CRM 7.0 with all patches, when adding a new company within Accpac the following error is displayed, I have attached the error log.

    What I have tested:

    First I tested the Sage CRM setup within Accpac, with the below result.

    I tested updating an existing record in Accpac and it posted the change to CRM successfully, I tested updating a record in CRM and it posted the change to Accpac successfully. I deleted a customer in accpac and it updated CRM successfully as can be seen in the below image.

    I also tested CRM's integration by syncing the tables and importing customers, everything worked.

    Steps I've taken:

    I have removed the e/w component from Accpac and reinstalled and configured it, all with the same result.

    I have tried a fresh full install of CRM 7.1 with SP2, with the same result, as the system isnt live yet I could do this without much loss of work.

    I have installed the integration seperately and followed the manuals to the T yet nothing seems to have worked.

    My Appeal:

    Any assistance or insight that you can provide will be greatly appreciated, I am scratching my scalp to pieces as the hair is long since pulled out.

    Thank you very much,





  • Did you uninstall the EW module and syncronization component that came with 7.0 and install both of the new ones bundled with 7.1?

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  • Jacques, you have probably taken a wrong upgrade path, Sage CRM 7.1 SP2 has been only released it as a stand alone release. The integrations team is working for an integrated release for Sage Accpac or Sage ERP 300 and the post you have put is still an unsupported one. This could be because of the ways some API's would have been called within Sage ERP 300/Accpac.

    we would probably have to wait till we have an official release from the integrations team.


    Kannan Srinivasan

  • Hi Kannan,

    I am happy to report that Davids solution worked, I for some reason had completely overlooked the sync component.

    What I did:

    Uninstalled the E/W Componenet.

    Uninstalled the Sync Component.

    Reinstalled the E/W Component, which prompted the Sync Compononent installation.

    Set up the Sage CRM setup and ran Sage CRM workstation component, tested it and it was fine.

    Added a company and got a success reply.

    Thank you David for pointing out what should have been obvious but for some reason chose to be elusive.