Email Notifications for Entities/Workflows (SMTP Error When no User Selected)

  • When an opportunity is created, management wants an email sent to 

    A. The assigned person
    B. The Salesperson of the opportunity
    C. The Engineering Salesperson of the opportunity
    D. Certain people in management 

    Since there's different people, I set up a salesperson field (User Select) and an Engineering Salesperson field (also User Select) for B and C. A has already been created, and D is always the same user.

    What I've noticed is when I throw an email rule in the workflow, it lags severely when saving it for the next step. So my solution was to create a notification in the Opportunity Entity.

    As you can see, I've narrowed it down to very specifc rules before it decided to shoot off an email:
    The stage must be "Discovery," which is specific to this workflow,
    The status must be "In Progress," which means it'll only email when the opportunity hasn't been closed.
    The opened date must be after a certain date, so it doesn't bombard the email recipient with old opportunities.
    The opportunity type is set to Project (prebid) only, so it doesn't apply to any other workflows or types of opportunities. 

    The And/Or All is set to AND because it must meet all these criteria, then is sends an email to the engineer salesperson (shown below)

    The notification works fine, except that those two User Select fields I created (Salesperson and Eng Salesperson) don't always get filled out on opportunity creation. (Also, they can't be set to a required field, because sometimes there isn't an Eng Salesperson.) What happens is when someone creates an opportunity and doesn't fill out those fields, CRM still tries to send out an email to nobody?

    I want it to be able to send out an email only if there actually IS someone selected in that field. Would I set another conditional like this?

    (<Opportunity - Engineer Salesperson> <Not Equal to> <--unassigned-->)

    The bigger problem is that I actually DO have emails set inside the workflow (for example, when a bid goes out, the Salesperson and EngSalesperson are emailed). When I get to that stage and press Save, I get long lag times and dreaded red bars ("An issue was encountered while trying to send this email. Please consult the SMTP logs for more details"). I know I get these red bars because it's trying to send an email to a user that hasn't been inputted/selected in the field. How can I resolve this issue? Create Entity notifications for each email instead of ones inside the workflow?

    Update: I've been able to narrow down the error. What happens is when I click save, it is supposed to shoot off an email to Salesperson and Eng salesperson. When there's a user selected for either field, or even both, there is no error. However, if both have NOT been selected, it tries to send an email anyway, hence the error.

  • Is there any reason why you are not using an escalation rule with a SQL trigger to do this? Think that would solve your problem.

  • Well this is when the opportunity is created, so it has to be the primary rule. Do you mean create an escalation rule on the second state (after creation), set the trigger to oppo_salesperson IS NOT NULL and then shoot an email?

  • No, I mean, why not use an escalation rule, forget about it being in the workflow.

    If your service is set to run every 5 minutes, then the email should be a maximum of 5 minutes after the opportunity is created. Add a field to mark the first email has been sent, and ensure that it is omitted from your trigger when you create it.

  • Ah. You're referring to the Escalations that can be set up outside of workflows! I decided (for now), that for that particular workflow which it's implemented, I made the salesperson required. This way there will always be an email address to send out. Further down the line, though, I know I'll have to come back to this because more people in my company will want more emails about things in their territory!