SLA warning flags not displaying

  • case_color1 in vlistcases defines cases sla warning flag right??Well its not happening in my case.Even though the field case_color1 changes from Green to Amber to Red for my cases,its still does not show the change of images or colors in front-end.It just shows the field as blank.No image.

    Is this working for anyone?What is the image path for Amber,Green,Red?Please help.


  • The origin of the image and the structure of the view is explained in the article

    The derived field is case_color.  

    The path to the image is


  • Hi,

    Within the WWRoot file, you should have the following path: -

    Themes\Img\[Theme Name]\Choices\case_color

    Within this file, you should have the Amber.gif, Green.gif, Red.gif and Yellow.gif

    I would say the theme you are using is missing these.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks Jeff and Toby for your inputs.

    I checked and saw that all these gifs are present in the case_color folder.

    In front-end,the field which I'm checking for this image is case_slastatus.Is that correct?

    When i checked its properties to see which image file it was pointing to,it showed


    Is this the issue.Pointing to wrong image.How to fix?

  • In SQL, for that case, what is the value in the case_color field that corresponds to that case?

  • In cases table for that case,case_color value is showing as null

    In vlistcases, i was able to see the value of  field case_color1 for that case as "Red"

  • i think you need to make a copy of files from the case_color folder to a folder called case_color1 as I sense you seem to have modified the fields to suit your requirements.


    Kannan Srinivasan