Automatic emails picking up different languages/footers depending on case type/pers_language

  • Hello,

    We have just started to use the Case functionality, and are looking at the possibility of being able to send automatic emails from within the workflow to the customers.

    I can get this to work fine, but have been asked if it is possible to send the emails translated into the preferred language of the customers, for instance a case may be raised by someone on the shop floor in China who speaks very little English would require the email to be send in Chinese.

    We are also trying to create one standard case workflow which will run across several product divisions, and each will reqire their own footer to the emails.

    Can anyone suggest the best way to achieve this, or even if it is possible. I have looked at using escalation rules but this would involve the creation of multiple rules and could have an impact on performance.

    Best regards


  • You have Jscript conditions to show a rule.

    You could create all the emails you needed, as templates, in the different languages and with different footers, then if there was a way of identifying on the case, which was to be displayed in the workflow, the javascript condition could be used.