Accessing a multi-server CRM environment with an external IP address

  • I have a client that is implementing multi-server CRM. They already had separate CRM and SQL servers and they added a secondary CRM server for load balancing. The primary CRM server has an external IP address which some of their users outside the main office use to connect to CRM. We configured the multi-server setup by using the local machine names and local IP addresses (192.168.1.x).

    My question is, what is the recommended way (if any) to make multi-server CRM work for the users connecting via the external IP address? Do they need to acquire a secondary external IP address and map it to the secondary CRM server? Can they make do with the single external IP address and configure IIS or something else to forward the requests? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


    Tony Erlain

  • Tony

    Sorry about the delay in the response.  Is this still an issue for you?  I don't remember discussing this with anyone from the Azamba crew at Summit.  

    Accessing CRM from outside the network is not going to be different from accessing any web application from outside the network.

    I don't have the experience to comment further on this, but the local Sage office may have some tips.