Sage CRM 6.2g with Active Domain directory

  • Hi,

    We are as of now runnning Sage CRM 6.2g. What I want to know is, Is there any way that I can integrate my CRM with my Active domain directory?

    We are planning to implement single signon based on AD for different portals we are using in organization.

    Please help.

  • If you are looking at allowing Windows authentication to get the user into CRM, then you can configure this in IIS.

    Here is a link: -

    And the salient parts of the link: -

    'The first thing you will need to do is open the Internet Information Services Manager, highlite the CRM application under the default web site, open the properties, and take off the check mark on "Enable Anonymous Access" on the Directory Security tab.  While you are on this tab make sure "Inegrated Windows Authentication" is checked on.  Your next step is in the SageCRM Administration - Users - User Configuration.  This is where you will change the "Use IIS Auto Login" to "Yes" and add the "Default Domain for IIS login".  Once these are entered make sure the username in CRM matches the Domain username and you should be set.  The first login will most likely bring up a Windows login screen but after that setting is cached you will pop right in.'