Adding Lead to the Tied Fields on the Regarding Field

  • CRM version 6.2.i

    I've seen a few articles about adding other user-created entities to a linked field, but I can't quite figure out why Lead isn't available for linking.

    Our sales staff creates leads to develop into opportunities. Before they become opportunities the lead must be nurtured into a sale. Through a lead workflow I've given the sales the ability to create appointments with company and person in the lead, but they can't select the lead itself in the appointment (or task) creation.

    So I went to the admin panel and popped in the communication entity (the field in question is comm_opportunityID) and then opened up the Regarding search select advanced field.

    But I can't select "Lead" in the Tied Field selection. How can I add it? Am I looking in the wrong place?

  • Interesting question.

    If you notice when you go an Opportunity Summary screen.  And then right click on the main menu to start creating a new Appointment then you will see a web picker.

    If you go to a Lead Summary screen.  Then right click on the main menu to start creating an Appointment you get a screen that lacks the web picker.

    The web picker really assumes that you are assigning work that belongs to a Company and a Person and only then to an Opportunity/Case etc.

    I think there is an implicit assumption that Leads will have communication assigned to them only up until they are associated with a company or a person.  The lead contains the basic Company and Person details.

    While the Lead is unconverted you can still add communications to it.  If you associate the Lead with a company with the 'Add or Find this Company' feature the Lead communications are not carried across to the company.  It is only when you convert the Lead to an Opportunity are the communications taken across.

    So all this is indicating that there is a strong design reason for this.