I am working on a test version of CRM 7.1f with no modifications and only an addition of 1.8.2 of the JQuery developmental library. I'm using both Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 12.0, and Chrome 22.0.1229.94m to test.
I am encountering an issue with changing the OnChange Script for both quit_uomid and orit_uomid fields within the QuoteItemsSummary screen in QuoteItems and OrderItemsSummary screen in Order Items respectively.  The default data for the onChange script is: EntryForm.quit_quotedprice.value=arrUOMPrices[value];_Dataquit_listprice.innerHTML=arrUOMPrices[value]; yet I want to add a function call to execute code from the Custom Content field.  However, after inserting the code into the field, my changes neither show nor execute.
I tested the field by clearing out the contents of onChange script, updating the field, and saving the screen.  Then I went to the Quote Smmary screen through Opportunity -> Quote and edited one of the line items on my quote. However, after selecting an item from the UOM drop down list, the values for List and Quote Price update as if the old script is still present.  Within the HTML source on the page, I found this:
<SELECT class=EDIT size=0 name="quit_uomid" id="quit_uomid"  onChange="EntryForm.quit_quotedprice.value=arrUOMPrices[value];_Dataquit_listprice.innerHTML=arrUOMDisplayPrices[value];">
have checked the database to make sure my changes were saved, which they are, but it seems that no matter what I change the OnChange Script field for this screen, the results never show up within the application.  The code I wish to add to the field works correctly, as I tested it within another field, so I know that is not the problem.
Is the contents of this field hardcoded somewhere or is there a flag that must be set in order for any custom code in the onChange field to execute for quit_uomid or orit_uomid fields?

-Cole Phillips